Watch Tiger Woods PGA Championship from Bethpage Black Course

While we are waiting for the day when Tiger Woods will make a huge return to the golfing championship, we also expect a tougher competition as he striving to add something on his latest wins in Augusta. The 16th of May is not far and it is just one week ahead. We all anticipate seeing Tiger Woods do unachievable things as he usually since the age of two.

Tiger Woods PGA Championship from Bethpage Black Course

He opted not to play the Wells Fargo Championship and only focus on the PGA championship. This will be a must watch the golfing tournament.

While it can be a challenge to those who don’t know some ways on how to watch this tournament, here we list some of the ways in brief.

Ways to watch Tiger Woods PGA Championship

As it is clear that not all of us will make the traveling cost to New York and see the tournament physical, we will tend to look at cheaper way at our disposal.

Indeed, there are many ways to watch Tiger Woods PGA championship. For those who have satellite or cable TV, they can tune to CBS. This channel has acquired the rights to broadcast the live events from the Bethpage black course.

You don’t have satellite or cable TV right. Don’t worry; you are not excluded from watching Tiger woods taking PGA championship. You can consider watching PGA Championship live online.

Luckily, there are many online TV that you can hire their services and watch the Tiger Woods PGA championship like any other fan. Among the TV channels includes,   Hulu, sling, and DIRECTV.

Last note

The 16th of May is some few days ahead and it will the day we expect PGA championship to take its course. Tiger Woods will be in the field among many other golfing competing for one spot. As a golfing fan, it is crucial to know the ways to watch the tournament.

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