Pacquiao vs. Thurman Training Camp

Manny Pacquiao is one of the well-known professional fighters in history. The man, apart from being the eight divisions and world champion I, something that has never occurred in boxing history, has the most unconventional training camp. It is from the training camp that has given him that elite level.

Pacquiao vs. Thurman Training Camp

For those who want to learn about how this nobleman trains, then they should read this post to an end.

To set our boat sailing, we can summarize the Pacquiao training in one word. It is counterintuitive. Why should we say this? There are many reasons that can help to justify.

First, Pacquiao is the opposite of many other fighters. It is known that, in the training, no phone should be found in the gym. There is usually isolation and secrecy in a training session for most of the pro fighters. Moreover, there is usually no public figure allowed in the training camp. The training camp is usually only for trainees, trainers and sparing partners.

For Pacquiao, he likes doing his training at home where he receives many guests throughout the day. We also see him, post-everything he is doing like the roadwork on social media. His gym is public, it is usually packed with many members of the public who come to record every part of his training.

 What is also amazing about this man is that you can find him playing basketball. Do you know the risk?  It might cause ankle injury but the man doesn’t seem to care. Maybe he has his own reasons for playing basketball as part of his training.

Last Note

For sure, Pacquiao training is really amazing and shocking. It is totally the opposite of what other fighters are doing. Hopefully, it will yield results in the coming Pacquiao vs. Thurman fight live.

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