How to watch Colts NFL game without cable

Do you love watching the NFL tournament? Do you usually find it costly to follow up on all the games of the tournament? If any of your answers to these questions is yes, then you have come to the right place.

Without cable Colts game

Here we are going to show how to watch the colts NFL without using the cable and bypass, the cost associated with corded options.

Ok, without wasting time, here are the approaches.

Watching the NFL colts on Hulu live TV

Yes, this the first approach through which you can access the entire NFL tournaments, including the colts matches without necessarily using the cord.

After signing for Hulu live TV, you will be able to access up to 50 plus live TV channels according to the package that you will choose. Among the channels are the ESPN, ESPN2, ABC and so forth.

This live TV can be accessed on amazon fire TV, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Apple, Roku or Nintendo TV

Watching the NFL colts on Sling live TV

Our second option is sling is also an approach to those looking for the way to cut off the cord and still be able to watch the NFL colt matches. Likewise, the sling TV can be accessed using the Xbox One, Chromecast, Roku, tablet, android, or Amazon Fire TV. They also have an app called the sling TV app, which can be downloaded and installed on different streaming devices. Moreover, they also offer cloud storage where you can store some recorded matches for future revising.

Last note

With the above two options, you can Watch Colts football live without necessarily using the cable. So, it will never again be expensive to access your favorite tournament.

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