How to bypass solenoid on a golf cart

It’s very easy to watch British Open live TV coverage. However, bypassing a solenoid on a golf cart doesn’t really sound as easy. What in the world is that anyway? What does it do? We have all the answers for you and this interesting topic.

bypass solenoid on a golf cart

One of the most important components of the golf cart is the solenoid. It is one of the ways that your golf cart moves. You need a properly operating solenoid to get anywhere. So, the next question is, what is a solenoid?

A solenoid is a type of relay. A relay is a switch that uses a low power circuit to operate a high-power circuit. It uses a magnetic coil on a low power circuit to push a rod that closes a high-power circuit. Basically, on the golf cart, your ignition or the electrical motor receives power this way.

The solenoid is found under the seat of your golf cart with four wires connected to it. Bypassing the solenoid on your golf cart can be a little bit expensive. Before you bypass it, you want to make sure the golf cart is working and it’s just the solenoid that is holding you back.

You want to first jump the solenoid. It is fairly easy though. The two larger wires are going to be connected together in order to get the cart to work. If you think the solenoid is the problem, you need to test the ignition system to find out what is not working. This main be difficult and tedious.

If you have an electric cart, you should stop at the key switch and solenoid if you are just jumping it. Most things are dangerous to bypass and easy to damage if you don’t do it correctly. Electric golf carts have self-maintenance and are easier to take care of.

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